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June 2023: Injury recovery section

Running Insight

June 2022: Running "Essentials" Issue


June 2022 "Recommended Run Gear"


September 2021 "Voted Top 3 in Running Gear Category"

Mosaic Magazine

August 2020 "First Look: What's New, What's Next"


May 2020 "At-Home Workout Tools That Athletes Love Right Now"

Running Insight

December 2019 "Pro-Tec Athletics Activates Better Recover with Innovative Technology"

Los Angeles Times

November 2019 "27 Gifts to Buy the Fitness Fanatic"

Sports Insight

August 2019 "What's Hot? What's New?"

Running Insight

August 2019 "Launch of Resistance Bands"

Running Insight

May 2019 "New Addition to Massage Line"

Trail Runner

October 2018 "First Look"

Women's Running

April 2017 "A Few of Our Favorite Things"

Competitor Magazine

March 2017 Gear Guide - Editor's Choice for Recovery

Go Adventure Mom

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Sports Insight

September/October 2016 Recovery: Hitting Refresh" & "Bracing & Making the Connection

Impact Magazine

Sept / Oct 2016
  • Article: Top 25 Products of 2016
  • Featuring: Roller Massager

Running Insight

June 2016
  • Article: Running Shorts
  • Featuring: Pain Relief Roll On


May 2016
  • Article: LER New Products
  • Featuring: X-Trac Knee Support

The Great Outdoors UK

May 2016

Training & Conditioning

April 2016
  • Article: Knee Braces and Supports
  • Featuring: X-Trac Knee Support

Dance Teacher

March 2016
  • Article: 'Wellness Marketplace'
  • Featuring: Spiky Ball

Canadian Running

December 2015

Triathlete Magazine

September 2015
  • Article: 'The Rub, Gear'
  • Featuring: Liquicell Blister Protectors


August 2015
  • Article: 'Beauty Fitness'
  • Featuring: Pro-Tec Foam Rollers

Women's Running

July 2015
  • Article: 'Freshen Up, We're Obssessed'
  • Featuring: Roller Massager

Men's Journal

April 2015
  • Article: 'Recovery Tools that Work'
  • Featuring: The Orb

Triathalon Racing Ireland

March 2015
  • Article: 'Recovery'
  • Featuring: Achilles Tendon Strap

IMPACT Magazine

December 2014

Women's Running

December 2014
  • Article: 'Roll With It'
  • Featuring: 6"x18" Foam Roller


November 2014
  • Article: 'Injury Management and Prevention'
  • Featuring: The Orb, Roller Massager, Kinesiology Tape, Y Roller

Trail Runner

March 2014
  • Article: 'Trail Tested Gear'
  • Featuring: Y Roller and Orb

Runners World

November 2013