Increase Flexibility.  Reduce Injury.  Boost Performance.

Stretching regularly can help reduce injury and even boost performance. Increasing your flexibility also provides you with healthy muscle/joint tissues that keep you moving smoothly. Try to make stretching part of your normal routine.

Benefits of Stretching

  1. Increasing your flexibility – without stretching, your muscles become tighter and stay tight
  2. Improves your performance – engaging in stretching often helps the efficiency of your muscles
  3. Increase blood flow to your muscles – while stretching, breathe continuously to assist with the circulatory benefits, giving oxygen to your muscles
  4. Stretching can prevent injury – performing dynamic stretching before exercise helps prevent injuries that can occur when you exercise with cold, tight muscles

Two Common Types of Stretching

  • Static – holding a stretch for a period of time, great to do after exercising
  • Dynamic – movements that cause your muscles to stretch, typically done before exercise to warm your muscles up

Things to Avoid

  • Stretching beyond point of comfort
  • Bouncing while stretching
  • Stretching cold muscles

Helpful Stretching Tool: Pro-Tec Stretch Band

  • Flexible, yet firm stretch strap allows for static and dynamic stretching exercises.
  • Grip Loop Technology reduces slipping, allowing greater control during movement.
  • Ten grip loops allow for progressive stretching.
  • Soft, technical fabric provides comfortable hand grips.
  • Stretch Guide Included.

Static and Dynamic Stretching with Stretch Bands

Staying injury free is important. Make stretching a regular part of your exercise routine to stay flexible, reduce your chances of getting injured, and boost your performance. Pro-Tec is committed to providing the highest quality stretching products to help you stay active and healthy.

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