Holiday Gift Guide for the Active

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Active

10 Great Gifts under $40

  1. Resistance Bands -$14.95
    • Effective tools for muscle strengthening and toning, resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training or rehabilitation program. They come in 3 different levels of resistance and are easy to use, conveniently portable, and can be used with a variety of exercises.
  2. Orb Extreme -$24.95
    • This 4.5″ Diameter massage ball is a must-have recovery tool for athletes of all levels. Give this high density ball to your favorite athlete to add into their recovery routine for an effective deep tissue massage to the IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps and more.
  3. RM Extreme -$34.95
    • Muscle recovery has never been so easy with the RM Extreme. This best seller provides a controlled deep tissue massage and the contoured surface easily wraps around select body parts.
  4. 3D Flat Knee -$24.95
    • Does the athlete on your list need additional knee support? The 3D Knee provides relief from general knee pain, as well as provides medical grade compression and warmth.
  5. Spiky Ball -$9.95
    • Give the gift of a foot massage to your favorite runner. They will thank you! The Spiky Ball provides relief from Plantar Fasciitis.
  6. Heatable AcuBall -$29.95
    • It may be cold outside, but the Heatable AcuBall will keep your loved ones toasty warm. Microwave for 1 minute to enjoy 60 minutes of soothing heat to release tight muscles and joints.
  7. Stretch Band -$24.95
    • Give the gift of mobility this season, help your favorite athlete safely stretch to reduce the chance of injury during activity.
  8. Orb Extreme Mini -$14.95
    • Small but mighty, this single point muscle release tool is bound to be a hit when found in a stocking on Christmas morning.
  9. Contoured Foam Roller -$34.95
    • Step up a loved one’s foam rolling game with the Contoured Foam Roller. The contoured raised sections stimulate blood flow and allow for a deeper tissue massage. Did someone say better recovery?
  10. RM Extreme Mini -$24.95
    • The sweetest gift? Deep tissue massage on-the-go with the RM Extreme Mini. Easily toss into a gym bag, backpack or suitcase and make sure your loved one never misses out on post-workout massage again.

And while you’re out buying gifts for everyone, don’t forget to spoil yourself too!


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