5 Must-Have Self Massage Tools

Giving yourself a massage after exercise helps you recover better.

The benefits of self massage include:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Reducing Muscle Fatigue & Tightness
  3. Promoting Flexibility
  4. Removing Lactic Acid from Your Muscles
  5. Enhancing Performance

To redeem the benefits of self massage, make sure you have all the tools you need for the best recovery. Here are the 5 Must-Have Self Massage Tools.

1. Foam Roller

Contoured RollerY-Roller

A form of self-myfascial release, foam rolling gives you the ability to aid your overworked muscles. When muscles are overworked, the soft tissue known as the fascia becomes inflamed and thick, which you feel as tight, sore muscles. By using a foam roller, you can break up that soft tissue and help revert muscles back to their normal state. Foam roller is ideal for improving posture and releasing tense muscles. Roll over a painful area using your body weight and hold for up to two minutes to release pressure. Great for use on back, hamstrings, IT band and calves.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the best one for you.


  • Standard Foam Roller
  • Extra Firm Foam Roller – higher density foam means a deeper tissue massage
  • Smooth Surfaced
    • Hollow Core Smooth Roller – Flat surface design allows for a smoother and faster roll while the hollow core proves to be more durable over time
  • Contoured Surface
    • Contoured Foam Roller – Deep grooves and high ridges target specific areas of tightness
    • Y Roller – Dual or single ridge option offers a targeted aggressive massage, roll in between ridges for a less aggressive, moderate massage

2. Roller Massager/Massage Stick

RM ExtremeRM Extreme Mini

Handheld Roller Massagers provide a controlled deep tissue massage. Using both hands, instead of your body weight, you can control the compression level towards a specific target area. A roller massager with a contoured surface (such as the RM Extreme) effectively wraps around body parts and the end of the handle can be used for “triggerpoint” single point myofascial release.

  • RM Extreme – Handheld Contoured Roller Massager provides controlled deep tissue massage and the non-flexible design provides leverage so you can control the compression level
  • RM Extreme Mini – Single hand portable roller for on-the-go controlled deep tissue massage, great for calf, hamstrings, neck and pectoral muscles

3. Massage Ball

Orb ExtremeBlue Orb


Small but mighty, mobility balls or massage balls are perfect for a deeper tissue massage using your body weight. They differ from foam rollers because they can be rolled in a circular motion and help dig deeper into smaller areas. They can range in size and some are also heatable. Great for traveling with or bringing in your gym bag to use post-workout. Click here to read our informative blog post on how to choose between the Orb, Orb Extreme, and Orb Extreme Mini.

  • Orb – 5″ Diameter, high density ball provides deep tissue massage to IT Band, hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, and more
  • Orb Extreme – 4.5″ Diameter, higher density ball than the original Orb, prominent bumps to dig deep into soft tissue, firmer logo pad provides aggressive point of contact
  • Acuball – 3.5″ Diameter, massage ball provides heatable deep tissue pain relief, microwave for 1 minute for 60 minutes of soothing heat therapy to your muscles

4. Small Massage Ball

Orb Extreme MiniAcuBall Mini

The smaller the ball, the deeper the massage. A small diameter allows for single point muscle release. Easy to dig into hard to reach areas, such as the shoulder blade, hamstring, or piriformis. Simply use against a wall or the ground. Many people have used Lacrosse Balls/Tennis Balls before finding the Orb Extreme Mini and making the switch. This high density, durable ball is made from non-toxic, latex-free closed cell EVA/Polyolefin foam.

  • Orb Extreme Mini – 3″ Diameter, deep tissue massage ball with prominent bumps to dig deeper into soft tissue, small size is great for single point muscle release
  • Acuball Mini – 1.75″ Diameter heatable massage ball loosens tight muscles and stimulates blood flow, great for hand and foot pain

5. Massage Ball for Your Feet

Spiky BallPlantar Massage Balls

Last but not least, don’t forget your feet! Whether you stand all day, are an athlete, or just suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, get a massage ball for your feet to provide sweet relief.

  • Spiky Ball – The 3” Diameter firm massage ball has a spiky outer layer that offers a stimulating effect and increases circulation. Excellent tool to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis symptons.
  • Plantar Massage Balls – 4 smooth wooden balls in 2 different sizes to help alleviate conditions of Plantar Fasciitis by rolling out tightness and promoting flexibility in the arch and forefoot.
  • Acuball Mini – Heat Therapy for your feet!

For 28 years, Pro-Tec Athletics has led the way in designing specialized support and massage therapy products to help you recover, restore, and perform your best.

When injured, we are here to offer the support you need to expedite your road to recovery. When healthy, we are here to provide you with the tools to keep your body flexible and strong.

It is our commitment to remain the leader in both product innovation and customer service to support your active and healthy lifestyle wherever your goals may take you.

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